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AuctionMeThis is now dedicated exclusively to 2 levels of service. The first is the eBay listing service, where we sell your item for you on eBay. The other service we provide is teaching you how to do eBay yourself. Let our 8+ years of experience teach you exactly how the pros do eBay. If you would like more information on the classes and schedule of fees for this instruction, simply go to our contact page and fill out the comment section and we will respond shortly.

We can sell your item quickly. There are no up front fees, all commisions and fees will be deducted at the end of your auction.
AuctionMeThis is here to MAKE YOU MONEY!

Internet Auctions:
On a commission basis we will auction your items for you on eBay. Most people do not have the time to auction their items and spend the time to build catchy and sharp looking auction listings. Customers that use AuctionMeThis rely on our team to design a layout that makes their items more attractive to prospective buyers. Our Customers find that their items yield much higher bids than a typical auction service. AuctionMeThis utilizes it's experience and creativity to get your items in front of more people who are looking for what you have to sell. People pay more money for auctioned items that have good pictures and better descriptions. Click here to see what other AuctionMeThis customers are saying about this unique and fantastic service.

-- We do 100% of the research to determine the value of your item.
-- We digitally photograph the items you want to sell. (No additional charge)
-- We professionally design and word the auction layout. (No additional charge)
-- We sell your items for you over the Internet on eBay; viewed by millions of people worldwide.
-- After the auction ends successfully, we give you a check for your item minus our fees and then we ship the item to the buyer.