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AuctionMeThis prides itself on Customer Service, honesty, and trust with our customers.
Much of AuctionMeThis business is generated by word of mouth from our customers. Here are a few comments from AuctionMeThis customers.

I was hoping to get ten dollars for a sterling silver thimble. AuctionMeThis told me that it was highly collectable. I was shocked when the auction ended and the thimble sold for $347.00 I am not only a believer in the AuctionMeThis system, but also a repeat customer.

John L.
Salem, Oregon

AuctionMeThis told me my grandfather clock radio should bring at least $450 at auction. I called them minutes before the auction ended to find out how much it was at. They indicated it was currently at $450 just as they quoted, however they kept me on the phone for a few more minutes as they said last minute bidders often run the price up higher. To my amazement my grandfather clock radio sold for $750.00 I was thrilled, and began looking for more items to auction.

Linda T.
Ridgefield, Washington

I called AMT and told them what I had to auction. They expressed an interest, but I had no way to get my items to them. They told me because of the value of my items, they would be happy to come to me. Wow, what service. Since then I have sold over $1500 worth of collectables through AMT. Thanks for everything.

Brian B.
Portland, Oregon

When they say "We work, you make the money" it's true. The AuctionMeThis rep came by my house after calling and telling them what we had to auction. They make it so simple. After the auction he came by and brought me a check and shipped the items to the buyer.

Sue P.
Portland, Oregon

FANTASTIC service. I was treated in a highly professional manner and, due to the amount of products I was interested in selling, AMT came to my home and transported everything. I am VERY pleased with the results; in fact, I continually find more pieces to sell. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is interested. Keep up the good work AMT, Thank you.

Mindy M.
Las Vegas, Nevada

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