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Entrepreneur Magazine -Fall Issue 2004

Be Your Own Boss


FOX 12 News - OREGON Modern trading posts
... Different companies offer different services, so check around. Some,
like Auctionmethis, will even come pick up your item for you! ...

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Review Journal Newspaper - Las Vegas, Nevada -- Business:

THE ONLINE GUY: Shop offers another way to eBay...
... it in; you drop it off; and we do the rest," is the mantra of Perry Dodd, founder
and chief executive officer of Auction Me This (, a ...


Columbian Newspaper - Vancouver, Washington
Bidding on Success

May 16, 2004;
Section: Business
Article ID: 2004137034 -- 1007 words
Perry Dodd's infatuation with eBay started casually in 1997 when he used the wildly popular Internet auction site to rid his home of unwanted clutter.
It graduated to a hobby when Dodd, 43, started scouring garage and estate sales looking for meager profits on the antiques and collectibles he found.
A $10 box of miscellaneous items changed everything. Inside the cardboard container was a dilapidated wooden toy box that he sold on eBay for $750. The buyer was actually willing to pay
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Columbian Newspaper - Vancouver, Washington
Going once, twice, sold online

October 13, 2003;
Section: Business
Article ID: 2003286068 -- 261 words
Business Name: Auction Me This.
Owner: Perry Dodd.
Address: 14602 N.E. Fourth Plain Road, Suite E, Vancouver.
What the business does: We are a professional Internet auction listing service. On a commission basis, we auction your item(s) in one of our on-line auction communities. The item(s) must be worth a minimum of $75. To add appeal, we design a layout and digitally photograph the item(s) for presentation on the Internet. After the auction ends, we present a check to the seller,
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