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What is AuctionMeThis?
AuctionMeThis is a broker listing service which can sell your item's for you on eBay. We also conduct classes to teach you how to do eBay yourself. Call for more info.

How long will my auction run for?
Typically 7 days.

Can I cancel my auction?
Once an auction has started, you cannot cancel the auction..

Who pays shipping?
The shipping is paid by the buyer. At the end of a successful auction, the AuctionMeThis representative will arrange for all shipping & handling of your item. We do the work, you make the money.

Will I have to give my product to you?
Yes. AuctionMeThis will take possession of your item. If we choose to auction your item we will secure the item and prepare it for shipping. (No added charges for s&h)

How do I get paid?
Within 48 hours of your auction ending and you have a successful high bid, you simply come back to our office and pick up your check. A certified check can be sent for an additional fee.

How do I watch my auction?
Simply click here to find your item.

Is there a minimum dollar amount AuctionMeThis LLC requires for it's services?
Yes, your item must be worth a minimum of $250. This can also include a group of smaller (like) items that value would equal $250. For example: Comic book collection, Baseball card collection, crystal figurine collection etc...

Are there items AuctionMeThis will not list?
Yes, currently we do not list large items such as automobiles or furniture. It becomes difficult dealing with shipping issues. Call us for more information. AuctionMeThis LLC reserves the right to refuse the listing of any item.

Have we answered all of your questions?
If you have further questions or comments, feel free to ask!

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